September 8, 2021

Welcome to Happiness Catching You!


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Welcome to Happiness Catching You!

I'm excited about taking my blog in a new direction, & with this being my inaugural essay, I would like to welcome you and thank you for stopping by to read my FIRST POST!

I hope to write about the happy, the amusing, and the laughable moments in my life.   I'll be including anecdotes from my past and present as I shape the personality of my blog.


I'll start off with a little story about the mischief that found our Sheltie pup, Alexander, about eight years ago.  I was still working full time, my husband was at work, and our youngest son was at school.

In the process of everyone going to work and school, there were some doors in the house that we would close, in order to keep the dog out.  You could call it damage control.

So the afternoon in question, I picked up our son from school, and as we walked in the door, we expected to be greeted by Alexander.  Instead, we were only greeted by Missy, our other Sheltie, who thought she was THE BOSS.

So my son and I walked through the house looking for Alexander.  We looked in our bedrooms, the bathrooms, living room - thinking that he was asleep somewhere.  We couldn't find him, and he wasn't coming when we called.

As we are waiting on him, Missy is barking the whole time we are calling Alexander.  We just thought she was excited and being noisy.  Then we noticed... she wasn't moving.  She was standing outside of a closed door.  I'll call it Door Number One.  

After searching the entire house, and noticing that Missy was still outside of Door Number One, it dawned on me - could I have closed Alexander inside of Door Number One before I left for work?  

You see, Door Number One was the door to our home office.  I had been in there before I left for work, to grab a couple of papers off of the printer.  Could Alexander have followed me inside?

Still, Missy had not moved from her guard duty station, and was still sounding the call for me to "PICK DOOR NUMBER ONE" to see what was inside!  So I cautiously opened the door, afraid of what I might find.  

When I opened the door, to my relief, and also surprise, I found Alexander!  This is what he looked like when I found him...

Image: Happiness Catching You ©


My son and I were both in shock when Alexander happily walked out ~ we were SPEECHLESS!  You can't tell from the photo, but even his lips and his teeth were BLUE!  He looked like a Smurf!  We were just stunned.

Then worry set in, as I frantically tried to find out what he got into that turned him BLUE!  When I walked into the office, I found it.  A blue gel pen had been Alexander's toy for the day.  He had apparently enjoyed it all over the room, too!  At the time, there was light beige carpet in the office.  That day it was light beige with blue spots!

So I grabbed the pen and threw it in the trash.  After changing out of our work and school clothes, we grabbed Alexander and took him to the bathtub.  My son and I were both in there trying to soap up Alexander to get the blue out.  It wasn't working.  At least not with the dog shampoo.  

Image: Happiness Catching You ©
Suddenly, I told my son to go to the kitchen and grab the new bottle of DAWN™dish liquid!  He ran and came back with the new, unopened bottle that we had just purchased.  We were hoping upon hope that this would work "on animals" as the commercials showed with the oil drenched ducks.  

The water began to turn BLUE,  as we scrubbed Alexander's fur.  It took several times of emptying blue water and refilling of the tub with clean water, before Alexander's fur was clean.  DAWN™ did the trick!  What a relief!  We often laugh about it now, and we definitely HIDE the writing instruments from Alexander, and we check the rooms before we shut any doors.

I'm grateful for my precious little "shadow" who follows me everywhere I go.  In fact, he is laying on the floor beside me at this moment, as I am typing this little story about his antics ~ there are many more to come.  😂

Image: Happiness Catching You ©

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Have a great day, and let a little happiness catch you!  

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